Sustainable Business NetworkWe are inspired and motivated by all that lives around us:

We like natural and hand-crafted things.

We don’t like waste.

We strive to intersect style, function and budget while respecting the earth and its creatures.

020Start with the seasons

We all know the best-tasting food is prepared with ingredients that are near. It’s more flavorful and more nutritious.

JPM’s menus and decor are guided by the seasons, ensuring that the dishes we serve and the look of your event will be fresh.

bbq_chickenOrganic mechanics

We serve organic produce, dairy and meats in many dishes and make it available to those who want it for everything on our menu.

Our sources for quality organics and hormone- and chemical-free food includes Lancaster Farm Fresh and Trickling Springs Creamery.


verterra_displayBiodegradable serviceware

We use cutting edge and industry leading serviceware that is biodegradable for all our corporate drop-offs, for all to-go orders at The Tasting Room, and for many upscale events.

JPM offers cups, plates, utensils and to-go containers made from corn or sugar cane. For a more polished look, we offer plates, bowls and utensils made from compressed leaves courtesy of New York-based Verterra (pictured).


philly_compostCompost with the most

We have composted our kitchen scraps since the company was founded in 2009. Since moving to 8 E. Lancaster Ave. in Ardmore, JPM has utilized Philly Compost for its composting needs. Philly Compost is the leader in composting and food waste collection in the region.

jpm_garden_compost_matterWhy is it important?

Disposing of food and yard waste in landfills directly contributes to global warming. Composting enriches soil and helps remediate contaminated soil. It also prevents pollution and reduces the need for water, fertilizer and pesticides.