Next Best Thing: Dark Chocolate Milk From Trickling Springs Creamery

Jennifer got me hooked on dark chocolate in the last few years, and I now prefer the 55- to 70-percent cocoa versions to milk chocolate, mostly because you wind up eating less of it (but still get to indulge regularly). Now one of our favorite food suppliers is giving us another huge reason to love the dark stuff — DARK CHOCOLATE MILK!

Next week on Feb. 4, Trickling Springs Creamery launches its very own FarmFriend Dark Chocolate Milk, the Chambersburg-based operation announced in its monthly newsletter last week.

trickling_springs_dark_chocolate_milkLook around online a little bit and you’ll quickly realize Trickling Springs is one of the very few that make dark chocolate milk.

To concoct this dreamy potion, the organic farm starts with reduced-fat FarmFriend milk, then adds cocoa, organic cane sugar and genuine Belgian chocolate. The product will be available in both glass and plastic quarts with a suggested retail price of less than $5.

Trickling Springs is a small-batch specialist, using milk from local family farms that take care of their animals like they do their own children. No hormones or suffering.

Ask for FarmFriend Dark Chocolate Milk the next time you book an event with JPM Catering and we’ll give you the first quart at 50 percent off.

It’s great for a dessert station or even as a special mixer for your bar setup.

Just substitute your FarmFriend Dark Chocolate Milk for regular chocolate milk in the cocktail recipes on these sites:


We especially like the Chocolate Bomb and the Quagmyre.


We especially like the Brown Russian and the Velvet Presley.

You can also find retail locations that offer Trickling Springs products here.

If you are truly adventurous, you can attempt to make your own gourmet dark chocolate milk by following this slideshow recipe.

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