High Yield: JPM's Organic Garden Tour

This summer, JPM Catering and Events has used tomatoes, herbs, and flowers grown from a 24×8 parcel of our next-door neighbor’s sun-drenched backyard in Ardmore. After all this rain and Jennifer’s hard work, things are really popping in our organic garden, so we thought we’d share the sights with you.

Because bold flavors are so important to Jennifer’s dishes, lots of herbs are essential.

Basil (below, left) is truly a staple around these parts, so we’ve got it growing in bunches. Last week we used sprigs of our fresh mint (below, right) in mint mojitos for a bachelorette party in Center City Philadelphia.




Thyme (above) is on our side.

Composting is a regular part of JPM’s operations. Most kitchen scraps wind up in our compost tumbler (right), which stays pretty full.

When there’s no more room, we start a pile next to a small pocket garden on the side of the garage on our property.

More tomatoescherry on top and heirlooms below.



Below is some sneaky and persistent acorn squash, which seeded itself from our compost and gave us a nice surprise.


We use sunflowers and cosmos from the floral area of our garden, which also includes nasturtiums.


How ’bout that fig tree? (below) We use fig leaves often for service and decor.


As for this dill, it’s going to seed. We’ll dry them, toast them and grind them into spice used for a wide variety of dishes.





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