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How to Make Mozzarella in 30 Minutes and Live to Eat the Pizza

I’ve enjoyed fresh mozzarella quite a bit in my day. It’s soft, moist and has a texture that is delicate and indulgent. But you haven’t truly known fresh mozzarella until you’ve actually taken the time to make mozzarella with your bare hands. In 30 minutes. Now that’s fresh.Jennifer and I headed over to her sister Sarah’s kitchen last week. Sarah had a solid recipe (with pictures, which are key), all the tools and organic and local milk. We brought the foccaccia (Jennifer’s standard recipe), cherry tomatoes from our organic garden and some leftover pesto. (more…)

High Yield: JPM's Organic Garden Tour

This summer, JPM Catering and Events has used tomatoes, herbs, and flowers grown from a 24×8 parcel of our next-door neighbor’s sun-drenched backyard in Ardmore. After all this rain and Jennifer’s hard work, things are really popping in our organic garden, so we thought we’d share the sights with you. (more…)

A Tomato Today, Tonight and Tomorrow

It’s pretty much raining tomatoes right now, buy from South Jersey on through Philadelphia and our organic garden here in Ardmore. Jennifer loves to eat them on whole grain toast with quality mayo, ask fresh basil and lots of salt and pepper. But even I can’t eat that many tomato sandwiches. (more…)

Paleo Proud: JPM's New Primal Partner

If you haven’t heard of the Paleo Diet yet, don’t feel late to the party. It was only a couple months ago since we became enamored with the concept, mostly because Paleo isn’t really a diet. Paleo is not a trend, a fad, or based on wide-ranging dietary exclusions. (more…)