Ardmore Reader: JPM Checks Out Ardmore Library's 9th Annual Kitchen Tour Fundraiser

During a time of many milestones, our 2 year-old son recently added another to the list. He checked out his first library book at the Ardmore Free Library on Ardmore Ave. The library, one of the finest in the Philadelphia suburbs, mesmerized our little guy, and he was so excited to check out his book on cars.

ardmore_library_kitchen_tour_sideReconnecting with the library through our son reminded us that it’s so important to support such a vital community institution. So we were thrilled when asked to support the library’s main fundraiser, its 9th annual Kitchen Tour on Sunday, April 27 from 1-4 p.m. The event presents seven kitchens on the lower Main Line that have been recently renovated by talented local designers and builders. From the website:

“The kitchens reflect innovative solutions to a host of spatial challenges and demonstrate the stylistic diversity to be found in current kitchen design.”
If you’re way into kitchens, this event is for you.

We’re contributing food for this event, so you’ll be able to taste JPM and other great local food providers along the way. Tickets are only $25 (for advance; $30 day of).

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